The Fatal Wedding

The wedding bells were ringing on a moonlight winters night
The church was decorated all within was gay and bright
A mother with her baby came and was the lights aglow
She thought of how those same bells chimed for her three years ago
Id like to be admitted sir She told the sexton old
Just for the sake of baby to protect him from the cold
He told her that the wedding there was for the rich and grand
And with the egar watching crowd outside she would have to stand

While the wedding bells were ringing
While the bride and groom were there
Marching up the isle together while the organ pealed an air
Telling tales of fond affection vowing never more to part
Just another fatal wedding just another broken heart

She begged the sexton once again to let her pass inside
For baby’s sake you may step in the gray-haird one replied
If anyone know knows the reason why this couple should not wed
Speak now or hold your peace forever soon the preacher said
I must object the woman cried voice so meek and mild
The bridgoom is my husband sir and this is our little child
What proof have you the preacher ask “My infant she replied
She raised her head and knelt to pray the little one had died

The parents of the bride took the outcast by the arm
We’ll care for you through life they said youve saved our child from harm
The outcast wife, the bride, and parents quickly drove away
The husband died of his own hand before the break of day
No wedding feast was spread that night wo graves were made next day
One for the little baby and in one the father lay
The story has been often told by firesides warm and bright
Of bride, of groom, of outcast, and the fatal wedding night

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