The Wild And Wreckless Hobo

Im a wild and wreckless hobo I left my happy home
I started out on a westbound trip all by myself alone
If there is no mallice on this trip I’ll surely see some fun
Ten thousand miles away from home and I am but a bum

Standing on a platform sucking a cheap cigar
Waiting for an old freight train to catch an empty car
My pocket book was empty my heart was filled with pain
A thousand miles away from home a waiting for a train

Kind Miss oh kind Miss would you give me a bite
A little piece of pork and bread and a little piece of meat
She put her arms around my neck says I love you as a friend
Im afraid that if I feed you this time you’ll be on the bum again

Kind Miss oh kind Miss what makes you talk so rough
You need not think that Im a hobo because I look so tough
She took me in the kitchen she treated me nice and kind
She asked me in the notion boys of loving all the time

I walked out of the hotel strolling over town
Just then I heard a double headded blow I knew she’s western bound
I walked down the railroad but in a railroad shop
I heard the agent tell a man this train she would not stop

I pulled my cap down o-re myears went strolling down the track
I caught the back of an old freight train and never did look back
I got off at arckinsaw got stuck on an Arckinsaw girl
You bet your life shes out of site for she wore that Arkinsaw curl

I’m going with the hobo’s to a land thats fair and bright
Im going where the hobo’s don’t sleep outdoors at night
Where the hand-offs grow on bushes and the people dont wear socks
And the whiskey comes a flowing through the cravices in the rocks


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