True Blue Bill

I grew up on the mountain
Out where teh snow flies lay
Where the bulldogs speak in English
And the roosters lay square eggs
I shaved my beard and moustache
The morning I was born
And that night bet my old man
And drank his rye and corn

I am a truthfull fellow
They call me true blue Bill
I never dold a falsehood
And I bet I never will
Ive had some great adventures
Ive sailed the seven seas
Ive eaten great monsters
From lambs and down to fleas

Ive swam the wide Pacific
And walked around the moon
I’ve waded thrity feet of snow
On the thrity-first of June
I used to be a flier and in my aeroplane
I flew across to Paris and started back again
When I got half way over the doggoned motor balked
So I hit the darn thing set up there and got  out and walked

One time when I was shipwrecked on an island in the sea
By cannibals I was captured and tied up to a tree
They danced and beat their tamorines and they got rather rough
But they said I wouldn’t make good soup I was too doggoned tough
Oh the father of country could never tell a lie
And he was my great uncle
So why should I


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