Inside Cover Song Index

An index of songs are numbered and listed in the inside cover of the book (pictured).  These do not exactly match up with the actual order of the songs as displayed chronologically throughout this databasing.

inside cover SONGS

  1. Birmingham Jail

  2. Eleven Cent Cotton

  3. Chicago Exhibition

  4. Wreck of the Cold 94

  5. Red River Valley

  6. Give My Love to Nellie Jack

  7. May I sleep in your Barn

  8. Twenty One Years

  9. Return of the Red River Valley

  10. I’m A Garden In Paradise

  11. The Dying Man

  12. The Mystery of No.5

  13. The Prisoner’s Sweetheart

  14. Snow Deer

  15. After The Ball

  16. The Little Old Log Cabin

  17. When It’s Spring Time in The Rockies

  18. The Letter Edged In Black

  19. The Wreck of Number 9

  20. The Maple Leaf Forever

  21. Lay My Head Beneath A Rose

  22. I Had But Fifty Cents

  23. My Old Pal

  24. The Engineers Child

  25. The Little Rosewood Casket

  26. In The Baggage Coach Ahead

  27. Don’t You Call Me Sweetheart

  28. The Drunkards Dream

  29. Poor Little Joe

  30. Sweet Bunch of Daisies

  31. The Little Red Caboose Behind The Train

  32. If Brother Jack Were Here

  33. The Little Old Church in The Valley

  34. Oh Dem Golden Slippers

  35. When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain

  36. Down The River of Golden Dreams

  37. A Gay Caballero

  38. The Hazel Dell

  39. The Little Black Moustache

————The Following Appear Out of Order in the Book—–

  1. Love Me Now

  2. Your as Welcome As The Flowers in May

  3. Frankie + Johnnie

  4. My Wild Irish Rose

  5. The Prisoner’s Song

  6. Strawberry Room

  7. Fright Wreck of Altana

  8. New – Twenty One Years

  9. When The Sun Goes Down Again

  10. Blue Ridge Mountain Home

  11. Little Marrian Parker

  12. Barbara Allen

  13. Casey Jones

  14. Silver Threads Among The Gold

  15. The Butcher’s Boy

  16. In The Shadow Of The Pines

  17. When It’s Lamp Lighting Time

  18. Stern Old Bachelor

  19. Laurena

  20. When The Works All Done This Fall

  21. Ninety-Nine Years

  22. Gangster’s Warning * (Appears as A Gangster’s Warning in book)

  23. An Irishman’s Shanty

  24. Yodelling Cowboy

  25. Nellie Gray * ( Appears as My Darling Nellie Gray in book)

  26. The Lane County Bachelor

  27. True Blue Bill

  28. When The Roses Bloom For The Bootlegger

  29. Answer To Twenty One Years

  30. Cowboy Jack

  31. Overdue for Death

  32. The Little Mohee

  33. Will The Angels Play Their Harp * (Appears as Will The Angels Play Their Harp For Me in book)


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