This project was a labor of love and care. Foremost this transcription was made to preserve the original text in a way that would not harm it in any way. Some photographs were taken and it was treated with great care as the text was translated from cursive handwriting, often pencil to electronic typed text. The process created a secondary or copy of the source that could be looked through and analyzed more thoroughly without the wear and tear damage that kind of study would put on the original and aging document.

The content I have copied will manifest in two forms, a very basic printed hard copy and a hosted electronic source in a blog archive style with navigational categories and tags. I have chosen the online blog style format for two reasons: accessibility and organization. Through the hosting online it is available to any person interested as I feel this source is something that should not be coveted or hidden and the blog format allows me to create categories and tags that will help define and organize the material. I have tried to be rather literal in their application with categories for form and topic and tags that correspond to direct words or ideas that appear in the texts. These are editorially applied using my own judgment and should be used only as guidelines and not as reflections or notations from the original handwritten source.

The handwriting in the source was performed with care allowing it to remain quite legible as shown by accompanying photographs. It was a rare occasion that I came across a word that was hard to read, though it did occour. These questionable transcriptions are noted with square brackets [] indicating that I have provided the closest logical word but it is possible that the word is actually something else. As you’ll note it does not appear often in the text.

I have tried to stay as true to the source as possible that includes many instances of inconstant capitalization, misspelling or general misuse of words such as your and you’re or their and there. On that same note there are a few appearances of racially charged language. This was a concern for me when it came to making this material available online which may lead viewers to peruse the source in parts without consulting the context of the entire source as one might when picking up a paper copy. These are not my opinions and are certainly not acceptable in modern use but do provide historical significance and therefor have not been censored and have been left in as they appeared in the original source. They do not reflect the opinions of the blog’s maintainers or the hosting site.

If you wish to contact Jacklin Falconer please leave a comment.

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  1. Carol Rabun on

    This is awesome. My husband and I love the old songs and Bluegrass music.
    I transcribed my great grandfathers journals from 1900 to 1915 when he died. So interesting to go back and see the world from their prospective. And realize the statement of ‘the more things change the more they stay the same’

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