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My Darling Nellie Gray

Theres a low green valley on the old Kentucky shore
Where I whiled many happy hours away
While a sitting and a smiling by the little cottage door
Where lived my darling Nellie Gray

Oh my poor Nellie Gray they have taken her away
And I’ll never see my darling any more
I am sitting by the river and Im weeping all the day
Since youve gone from the old Kentucky shore

When the moon had climbed the mountain and the stars were shimmering to
Id take my darling Nellie Gray
And we’ed float down the river in my little red canoe
And my banjo sweetly I would play

One night I went to see her but shes gone the darkies say
The whiteman has bound her with his chain
He has taken her to Georgia there to wear her life away
While she toils mid the cotton and the cain

My eyes are getting blind and I cannot see my way
Hark I see someone knocking at my door
Oh I hear my angels calling and I see my Nellie Gray
Farewell to the old Kentucky shore


Cowboy Yodel

Im just a yodelling cowboy
As happy as I can be
In any old depot or old stock yards
Is have no cares like millionaires
No greifs to make me blue
I go my way from day to day
And paddle my own canoe

I left out all my troubles
Cause really it don’t pay
I never worry about myself
Im getting younger everyday
I keep my troubles to myself
And smile night through a tear
I hope that I never do get old
And live ten thousand years

Im going back to the sunny south
To stay their all my life
If some good girl won’t love this man
She can be my wife
I’ll try to make her happy
And love her all the time
I hope that she’s a millionaire
Cause I ain’t got a dime