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The Little Old Church in The Valley

In the little old church in the valley
Where I first learned of sorrow and joy
I can see mother there with her head bowed in prayer
As she prayed for her wandering boy
Oh twas there that I first found my Sally
Like an angel on earth so it seems
As she sang sweet and low in the long long ago
In the little old church of my dreams

Barbra Allen

In London City where I once did dwell
There’s where I got my learning
I fell in love with a paretty young girl
Her name was Barbra Allen

I courted her for seven long years
She said she would not have me
Then straight way home es I could go
And liken to a dying

I wrote her a letter on my death bed
I wrote it slow and moving
So take this letter to my own true love
And tell her I am dying

She took the letter in her little white hand
She read it slow and moving
Go take this letter back to him
And tell him I am coming

As she passed by his dying bed
She saw his pale lips quivering
No better no better I’ll ever be
Until I get Barbara Allen

As she passed by his dying bed
You’re very sick and almost dying
No better no better you will ever be
For you can’t get Barbra Allen

As she went down the long stair steps
She heard teh death bell toning
And every bell appeartd to say
Hard hearted Barbra Allen

She looked to the East and she looked to the West
She saw the pale corpse coming
Go bring them pale corpse to me
And let me gaze upon them

Oh mamma mamma go make my bed
Go make it soft and narrow
Sweet Willaim died today for me
I’ll die for him tomorrow

They burried Sweet William in the old church yard
They burried Miss Barbra beside him
And out of his grave there sprand a red rose
And out of hers a briar

They grew to the top of the old church tower
They could not grow any higher
They hooked they tied in a true lovers knot
Red rose around the briar

Your As Welcome As The Flowers In May

Las night I dreamed a sweet sweet dream
I thought I saw my home sweet home
And oh how grand it all did seem
I made a vow no more to roam
By the dear old village church I strolled
While the bell in the steeple sadly told
I saw my Daddy old and gray
I thought I heard my Mother say

Your as welcom as the flowers in May
And we love you in the same old way
We’ve been waiting for you day by day
Your as welcome as the flowers in May

I thought I saw my sweetheart Bess
And once again we pledged our love
I listened to her low sweet yes
The moon was shinning from above
We talked of happy days of yore
And the day that I left my home heart sore
My thoughts are many mines away
I long to hear my Sweetheart say