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You And My Old Guitar

Oh I could never be lonely
I could never be blue
As I go through life if only
I love my guitar and you

Whenever your near me to cheer me
[Nothing is better than this]
Giving me Happiness
And when Im down to cheer me
Nothing is better than this

Here we go just we three
Oh how happy we will be
I’ll hook my ladder to a silver star
And climb with you and my old guitar

Over the land we’d wander
Just here and there
But we’d never stop to ponder
If the clouds be dark [and] or fair

In a one horse town or city
No matter where we are
Im happy if I have with me
You and my old guitar

We’d travel the roads together
leading to the lands afore
Singing in all kinds of weather
And strumming my old guitar

The Spanish Cavalier

A Spanish cavalier stood in his retreat
And on his guitar played a tune dear
The music so sweet they would oftimes repeat
The belssing of my Country and you dear

Say darling say when Im far away
Sometimes you may think of me dear
Bright sunny days will soon fade away
Remember what I say and be true dear

I’m off to the war to the war I must go
To fight for my country and you dear
But if I should fall in vain I would call
The blessings of my country and you dear

When the war is over to you I’ll return
Back to my country and you dear
But if I am slain you may seek me in vain
Upon the battlefield you will find me