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Overdue For Death

Im a cowboy bold so Ive been told
Im a good for nothing gent
And drink and smoke Im always broke
Im a ridin fool hell-bent

With my flaming gun I kill for fun
And I swear with every breath
Ive escaped from jail, their on my trail
And Im overdue for death

Oh I dine on rocks and I don’t wear socks
And there is whiskey on my breath
with my gun and knife I welcome strife
Cause Im overdue for death!”

Oh the horse I ride is six feet wide
And my ropes are rattlesnake
And its cockleburs I use for my spurs
As the hell bound trail I take

Oh my foes I pat without a shot
For I blast them with my breath
And Im killin thirst and shootin first
Cause Im overdue for death

Im a blast from hell a shrieken yell
Of hate from the devils den
With snake and fire i roar my ire
Im a scarage to the souls of men

Oh my eyes flash flame so many claim
And there’s poison in my breath
And I laugh with glee at misery
Cause Im overdue for death

Im a wadly wild no angel child
Im a wrangler full of sin
And where other gents end the suspense
Is the place where I begin

Im a roarin bear and I don’t care
How I waste my precious breath
For Im leavin soon oh hear my time
For Im overdue for death

Oh I eat raw meat drink poision neat
And I sleep on broken glass
And its safe to say I have my way
For I won’t take any sass

Ive liven in strife throughout my life
But Im goin to be a dove
And bill and coo the whole day through
Cause Im overdue for [death] love


Drunkard’s Dream

I dreamed of the judgement one morning
I dreamed that the trumpets had blown
I dreamed that the nations had gathered
To be juded before the white throne

I dreamed of a bright shining angel
That stood over land and o’er sea
And declared with his hands raised towards Heaven
That the time no longer should be

The drunkard was there and the gambler
And teh man who sold him teh drink
And the man who sold him the licence
Together in Hell they must sink

The rich man was there but his money
Had all vanished and faded away
The poor man was there in his judgement
But his debts were to heavy to pay

And oh for the weeeping and wailing
When the last were told of their fate
They cried to the rocks and the mountains
They prayed but their prayers were to late

The drunkard was there and the gambler
And the man who sold him the drink
And the man who crucified Jesus
Together in Hell they did sink