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The Prisoner At The Bar

The judge was there the jury too
   And people from afar
A fair young lad of tender youth
   Was prisoner at the bar
The Great courtroom was crammed
   With an eager anxious throng
And many a heart was aching
   For the boy accused of wrong

A maiden fair with golden hair
  Swept swiftly through the crowd
The people gazed in wonder
  But spoke not a word aloud
In turning to the judge’s stand
  One moment did she puase
And smiling through her tears she said
  Judge let me plead the cause

Oh judge let your mind wander back
  To those long years gone by
And see your sweetheart and yourself
  Just like this lad and I
If you had children of your own
  Have mercy I do pray
Remember you’ll break my heart
  If you send him far away

Then turning to the jury box
  To make her simple plea
This prisoner here is innocent
  I know you’ll set him free
Remember you were once a boy
  Just like this fair young lad
If you convict him of this charge
  You’ll drive him to the bad

Next Sunday is our wedding day
  The dream of wonderous life
When at the alter he will make
  Me his loving wife
Unless you aim to blight our lives
  Don’t say that we must part
And don’t forget your loving wife
  Was once your dear Sweetheart

The jury did not leave the room
  For they had quick agreed
The foreman briefly signed a note
  And gave the cleark to read
Not guilty were the only words
  The maiden heard them say
Her lover clasped her in his arms
  Love always has its way


The Convict And The Rose

Within my prison all so dreary
Alone I sit with weary heart
Im thinking of my lonely darling
From her forever I must part

The rose she sent me as a token
She sent it just to light my gloom
To tell me that her heart is broken
To cheer me before I meet my doom

She wrote I took it from the garden
Where once we wondered side by side
But now you hold no hope of pardon
And I can never be your bride

The judge would not believe my story
The jury said I had to pay
But to the rose in all its glory
Not guilty is all that I can say

Good-bye sweetheart for in the morning
I’ll meet my maker and repose
And when I go at daylights dawning
Against my heart they’ll find your rose