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When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain

All by myself at twilight
Watching the day depart
And with fading twilight
Happiness fills my heart

When the moon comes over the mountain
Every beam brings a dream dear of you
Once again well stroll by the founains
Through the rose covered valley we knew
Each day is gray and dreary
But the nights are bright and cheery
When the moon comes over the Mountain
Im alone with my memories of you

What do I care for sunshine
Blue skies are all in vain
I only hope that sometime
We two will meet again.


When The Bloom Is On The Sage

Do most folks spare the spot that lives forever
Deep down in their fondest memories
Though I have been roaming I have never
Seen a place where I would rather be

When it’s roundup time in Texas
And the bloom is on the sage
Then I long to be in Texas
Back a riding on the range
Just to smell the bacon frying
When its sizzling in the pan
Hear the breakfast hour in the early morn
Drinking coffee from a can

Just a-ridin rockin ropin
Pounding leather all day long
just a swayin sweating smearin
Listen to a cowboy song

Now it beckons and I reckon
I would work for any wage
To be free again just to be again
Where the bloom is on the sage