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The Wild And Wreckless Hobo

Im a wild and wreckless hobo I left my happy home
I started out on a westbound trip all by myself alone
If there is no mallice on this trip I’ll surely see some fun
Ten thousand miles away from home and I am but a bum

Standing on a platform sucking a cheap cigar
Waiting for an old freight train to catch an empty car
My pocket book was empty my heart was filled with pain
A thousand miles away from home a waiting for a train

Kind Miss oh kind Miss would you give me a bite
A little piece of pork and bread and a little piece of meat
She put her arms around my neck says I love you as a friend
Im afraid that if I feed you this time you’ll be on the bum again

Kind Miss oh kind Miss what makes you talk so rough
You need not think that Im a hobo because I look so tough
She took me in the kitchen she treated me nice and kind
She asked me in the notion boys of loving all the time

I walked out of the hotel strolling over town
Just then I heard a double headded blow I knew she’s western bound
I walked down the railroad but in a railroad shop
I heard the agent tell a man this train she would not stop

I pulled my cap down o-re myears went strolling down the track
I caught the back of an old freight train and never did look back
I got off at arckinsaw got stuck on an Arckinsaw girl
You bet your life shes out of site for she wore that Arkinsaw curl

I’m going with the hobo’s to a land thats fair and bright
Im going where the hobo’s don’t sleep outdoors at night
Where the hand-offs grow on bushes and the people dont wear socks
And the whiskey comes a flowing through the cravices in the rocks


Wreck Of The Royal Palm

On a dark ans stormy night
The rain was falling fast
The two cracked trains on the Southern road
With Flairing whistle sped
Were speeding down the line
For home and Christmas day
On the Royal Palm and Palm City [Anne]
Was laughter bright and gay

When coming around the curve
At Forty miles an hour
The Royal Palm was making time
Neath an interdrenching shower
There came a mighty crash
The two great engines met
And in the minds of those who lived
There’s a scene they’ll never forget

It was an awful sight
Beneath the pouring rain
The dead and dying lying there
Beneath that might train
No tongue can ever tell
No pen will ever write
No one will ever know but those who saw
The horrors of that night

On board the two great trains
The folks were bright and gay
When like a flash the Master called
They had no time to pray
And in a moment’s time
The awful work was done
And many souls that fatal night
Had made their final run

There’s many a saddened home
Since that sad Christmas day
Those loved ones never will return
To drive the gloom away
They were on teh Royal Palm
As she sped Across the state
Without a moment’s notice cried
They went to meet their fate

Were on the road of life
And like the railroad man
We aught to do the best to make
The station if we can
So let us all take care
And keep our orders straight
For if we get our orders mixed
Will surely be to late